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Aquamarine….. unlocking the genius of nature….

Aquamarine has been supplying Marine Chemical products to the USA to Merchant, Cruise, Military, Ferries, Ro-Ro, Tankers, Dry Cargo, Offshore and just about every other type of business connected with the Marine Industry since 1992.

We offer environmental products to one of the most green driven industries of today.

Engine-room, Deck, Cargo Tank, Accommodation, Equipment – we’ve got it all covered!

  1. IMO tank cleaning products backed up by our 19 years of expertise in this industry.
  2. Full range of boiler treatments offering total managed electronic dosing systems and standard pumps and metering devices.
  3. Boiler, engine & marine state of the art equipment dosing testing and monitoring
  4. Bio Chemicals for all cleaning applications including galley grease traps, engine room, bilge, toilets & effluent plant.
  5. Fuel Oil Treatment & test kits for fuel oil problems and day to day management, helping with reducing emissions, dealing with bacterial infection.
  6. Ultrasonic cleaning chemicals and fluids
  7. Ballast Tank Corrosion Inhibitor for short-term or long-term laid up vessels with sub-standard or no coatings
  8.  Hygiene products
  9. Global Supply Network
  10. Supply to any USA Port

Full Product Range